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Lick My Spoon
Holiday truffle collection from Socola.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Sweat-shop: We used to have this recurring nightmare: It's Christmas morning, and we haven't bought a single damn present for anyone. Not one. In a panic, we grab crap around the house, frantically wrapping it in sheets of newspaper shedding ink: chipped, ugly cat figurine for mom, half-drunk bottle of Zinfandel for dad. Pathetic. And some years? It was a nightmare we lived, or almost.

Fortunately, Stephanie Im's foodie gift guide at Lick My Spoon offers suggestions that can help avert anxiety sweats. CSA boxes, Jessie Steele aprons, cooking classes ― they're things we generally wouldn't think of gifting, but which make perfect sense. Especially two weeks out from Xmas, before the fog of panic buying sets in. Check it out ― calmly ― here.

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