Doggy Bag: Nuking Up a Double Batch of Nostalgia with Grandma Martha

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Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Yams from the past: The latest installment of Cooking with Grandma is up at The grandma in question? Martha Jubrey, who cooks up a mess of Kwanzaa yams with grandson Desmond (Kwanzaa drops Dec. 26, by the way). The yams themselves look okay ― nuked till just done, peeled and chunked, then coated in a karo and brown sugar syrup before landing in the oven. Like other videos in the series, it's not really about the recipe. It's about the ritual, the way tradition communicates to a kid who appears only marginally interested.

That's the point, we think: The times you were no doubt a bored and bratty 10-year-old, barely heeding your grandparents, in retrospect might seem like times of enormous meaning. Like Desmond, dreaming of LEGOs, referencing farting. Will he someday look back on Grandma Martha's candied yams with the pull of yearning for the past? Maybe that's the beauty ― and the burn ― of nostalgia: It dials up meaning and emotion, but only long after the source has vanished.

Or maybe we need to stop watching A Christmas Story and get a life.

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