Doggy Bag: Meet the City's Twentysomething Bread Evangelist

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Blarf -- the sourdough starter that'll swallow up San Francisco.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Rising star: Bridget Huber files a portrait of Sour Flour yeast maven Danny Gabriner for Mission Loc@l. The 24-year-old ex-programmer has dreams to eclipse Acme, with the help of his sourdough starters Blarf, Dulce, and Wheaties -- SFoodie's Tamara Palmer reported on Sour Flour back in September. These days, Gabriner is raising funds to launch a commercial bakery, one that'll posit breadstuffs as the city's community center, even as he's giving away loaves and bagels and imparting bread-making know-how to any who ask. It's a very San Francisco story, a mix of entrepreneurship and aspiration for an idealized community whose hub is the table, and mad energy. Read Huber's piece here. Believe us, it's not the last you'll read of Danny Gabriner.

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