Doggy Bag: Livin' Large -- on Liver Crostini

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Doesn't it just seem to ooze money?
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Beer goggles: You'd think 401(k)s hadn't been drained drier than a kegger at frat rush, the city was at full employment (the paid, legal kind), and we were all eating out to avoid the hassle of loading our dishwashers. It just so happens that S.F. is in the grips of opening frenzy -- anyway, two particularly prominent places are opening for reals tonight. The one that isn't named Frances is Baker & Banker, the collaboration by couple Jeff Banks and Lori Baker in the old Quince space (1701 Octavia at Bush). Jesse Friedman of Beer & Nosh hit the soft opening (he also apparently consulted for the beer offerings), and gushes about the New American food and modern brasserie vibe (Quince's slightly stuffy old-Euro trappings are at the bottom of a dumpster somewhere). Of course, Friedman's enthusiasm isn't totally objective:

I am in no way anything near an impartial reviewer for the new restaurant Baker & Banker. Far from it -- I've become friends with the chef/owners behind it, and have helped pick out the beer list (it's looking gooooood) as well as am doing some picture taking here and there. So, if you want an impartial review, I'd hold out for Bauer to stop by.
Sure thing. Meanwhile, Friedman offers up nice examples of his signature pixel porn. Check 'em out.

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