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Buddha's hand infusing vodka at St. George sib Hangar One.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Grog blog: At the Bold Italic, Jon Korn belts a few with local distillers and brewski makers. Korn's is a short crawl, from Alameda's St. George Spirits to Distillery No. 209 on S.F.'s Pier 50 and Speakeasy Ales & Lagers in Bayview. There's no mistaking the author's man crush on St. George distiller Lance Winters:

Lance is infamous around the small company for being willing to make alcohol out of almost anything, be it wasabi, foie gras, or - one year - his own Christmas tree. That Noble Fir was hacked into pieces, soaked in brandy and then distilled, resulting in, of course, 'The Spirit of Christmas'. This heartwarming tale of the holidays led directly to my next question: who are you? Laughing, Lance explains that he and his fellow distillers are "deviant personalities who like to surprise people." Certainly Winters' next project substantiates the latter claim, as he is creating a series of gins with the "aromatic profiles" of the Bay Area parks he loves to hike.
Korn's takeaway (besides, presumably, a headache)? We'll let him say: "The lesson here is that just minutes away from your corner bar are a bunch of deviant, mysterious pirates who are mixing up something much more interesting than your watery well drink. They know all about the danger and hard work involved, but they're doing it anyway." Arrr.

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