Doggy Bag: Latest Slowing of Fast Food Takes on Pizza Hut

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Local Lemons
The Local Lemons redo: homemade mozzarella, Molinari salami, and organic pizza sauce.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Gather 'round the good stuff!: Following her Slow Food takes on the Big Mac and the McNugget, Allison of Berkeley food blog Local Lemons takes on Pizza Hut ― the factory chain's stuffed-crust pepperoni pizza, to be precise. Allison's remakes of fast food are a bit like conceptual art pieces, an embarrassment of technique and ingredient quality lavished on simulacra of some of the least substantial food in the American canon, and little respected among foodies (not that they'd admit, anyway). For the pizza, Allison makes her own mozzarella, from Straus Creamery organic cream-top milk, and Happy Boy Farms tomatoes for the pizza sauce. Read the recipe here. The sheer depth of it is a sort of fascinating glimpse into the abyss that separates fast food and "serious" food.

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