'Devil in an Apron' Tempts Pastry Maven Elizabeth Falkner with Hoodoo Chocolat

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T. Palmer
Satanic pleasures: Devil in an Apron's Hoodoo Chocolate bar.
On a recent visit to Citizen Cake (399 Grove at Gough), we noticed that there was one confection in the bakery that wasn't made in house. And when the house is run by pastry maven Elizabeth Falkner, you become intensely curious about the one item she's deemed necessary to carry.

Devil in an Apron probably first lured Falkner and crew with the description of its Hoodoo Chocolat bar: "Rich New Orleans-style pecan pie made from local/organic ingredients including Straus butter is enrobed in luxurious Michel Cluizel dark chocolate and finished with Maldon salt, pecans poached in maple and Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage bourbon, and pecan toffee to form this bit of American folk magic." You see how the Devil gets us?

It's a small bar, probably best enjoyed when safely portioned into about four pieces unless you want to tempt cardiac arrest and/or shouting directly at the Devil. Even in tiny pieces, you won't even miss the pie crust (often the best part) because the Cluizel chocolate is so decadent.
The Devil's got some broken link problems on his Web site at the moment, but it looks like hell (in this case, located about an hour east of Davis) is a place where you can order sweet creations and components of molecular gastronomy as well as these Hoodoo Chocolat bars.

Or you can skip the trip to Hades and just snap one up for six bucks at Citizen Cake.

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