At Denver's Ganja Gourmet, You Leave Hungrier Than You Arrived

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​When the real estate market tanked last year, Denver fridge magnet salesman Steve Horowitz had to regroup. For months, he lolled around on his couch in sweats, smoking pinners, spooning up Häagen-Dazs, and watching Animal Planet. Finally, he devised a new plan of action, one perhaps inspired by the possibly fictitious brain-storming process we just imagined. Horowitz's new venture is green, though not in the way that makes strategists and scenesters flip. Just after Thanksgiving, he opened Ganja Gourmet, a sit-down restaurant on Denver's Reefer Row of pot dispensaries featuring a menu of grassy goodies for prescription holders. For starters, there's "ganjanade," "laganja," green salad, empanadas, jambalaya, and pizza, as well as an assortment of house-made sweet leaf treats. We haven't tried the food, but we do applaud Ganja Gourmet's financial aid program for veterans and people with disabilities. You won't find a deal like that in Golden Gate Park.

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