Need a Pear Tree to Go with That Partridge? We Found Some on Craigslist

talia the AMAZING/Flickr
Watch out for axe-wielding Santas.
​Somewhere on Craigslist there is a partridge for sale. If you'd like to find a pear tree to go with it, look no further than Wiersig Garden Plants in Los Altos. The nursery is currently offering numerous varieties of deciduous fruit trees -- dwarves, semi-dwarves, and multigrafts, including Granny Smiths, Pixiecot apricots, Garden Delight nectarines, Green Gage plums, Sharp Velvet pomegranates, and Hood and Flordahome pears -- at peanut prices. Prices for the 5- to 6-foot tall specimens range from $35 to $65. No telling what that partridge will set you back.

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