Craigslist Alert: Score 50-Pound Cases of Nuts the FDA Says Will Kill You

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Tasty -- but deadly.
​Trout amandine is a classic preparation, perhaps a particularly popular one now that trout has become such a hot choice for economically and ecologically inclined chefs. Fans of the dish will be happy to know a Stockton farmer has a few 50-pound cases of shelled, raw, unpasteurized almonds selling for $130 a pop. (Though it continues to be illegal to sell unpasteurized almonds on the general market, you can lawfully buy them online.) Food Network bigwig Rachael Ray's version of this dish calls for six ounces of nuts. Buy a case, and you'll have enough to serve 532 hungry friends -- providing, of course, you also have a source for 266 pounds of trout.

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