Art Installation Pays Tribute to the Corner Market

Okay Mountain
But where's the rack with the titty mags?
​Earlier this week, we called attention to Noe Valley SF's recent blog post on the subject of decrepit corner stores, a.k.a. "shitty little markets." This blogger once wrote a short piece for the late Onion A.V. Club about corner stores. "At first glance, all corner stores seem to sell the same stuff: Kettle chips, bumpy green potatoes, low-grade pinkish cold-cuts originating from indeterminable beasts, and uncomplicated wines of a variety matched only by the assortment of rolling paper options available at the front counter," began the third paragraph of the article's long-forgotten draft.
Elizabeth Jones/Eat Me Daily
Mmm, wolfy.
We went on to highlight some of the unique characteristics of our neighborhood's most notable bodegas, suggesting that loyalties can be forged in lazy, down-the-block-in-slippers searching for what Noe Valley SF calls "everything you can't get at Whole Foods."

Okay Mountain, a group of artists from Austin, Tex., are also considering the corner. Over the weekend at Art Basel Miami Beach, the collective presented "Corner Store," a PULSE prize-winning installation: a realish-looking mini mart boasting a motley array of oddball "treats" inspired by the eclectic wares peddled at independently owned (and recession-torn) convenience shops in Texas. Wolf Meat, Kool Zesty Ranch Zest, Floppy Dogs, and dice-shaped Craps Candy remind us of Barbasoil, Boreo's, and other vintage Wacky Packages. These are lean times indeed, but wolf meat? Really? Ask the Canadians; they might know.

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