Confusion About Butter Mints Laid to Rest -- Sort Of

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A little from column A, a little from column B!

Last week, we wrote about Walgreens Butter Mints, a seemingly ill-conceived reinvention of the traditional dinner mint. Because of their pastel yellow hue, we assumed the little tablets would taste like their namesake.

Two diligent readers swiftly wrote in to correct us, stating that the mints don't actually taste like butter, they're supposed to melt in your mouth like butter. Aside from the color, they aren't any different from the pink, green, and white mints passed out as wedding favors.

To restore our journalistic integrity we decided to buy a bag of Butter Mints and taste them.

The Butter Mints sit right next to the more traditional looking Dinner Mints at Walgreens. A side-by-side comparison of  ingredients revealed that Dinner Mints are made with peppermint oil, while Butter Mints are not. Things were looking good for Team Butter Flavored.

A burst of strange, chemical smell reminiscent of movie theater popcorn wafted out of the bag upon opening. The smell, when huffed up, produced a minor headache. Finally, we ate some. The verdict?

They taste a little like butter and a little like mint.

"It tastes like mint. But there's definitely some butter," said one intrepid SF Weekly staffer.

"The butter flavor comes later," said another, chewing thoughtfully.

So there you have it. Butter Mints are exactly what they claim to be. And while we might not be able to recommend them on flavor alone, we respect them for their simple honesty.

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