A Little Indulgence, with a Side of Fish Sauce: Your SFoodie Lunch Planner

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Fried whole trout with fish sauce and black pepper: Worth the calorie splurge.
Friday, Dec. 18, 2009

We got no beef with our office mates, but seriously: What with the Xmas gift tin of chocolate-covered, crack-dusted caramel corn near the copier, or the bacon snickerdoodles Heather in sales baked up after getting all "jazzed," as she put it, at bacontarian.com, we know what our Secret Santa is getting us for Christmas: moobs.

It's a good day for escaping to Lers Ros Thai, where bacon and butter are as alien as restraint at an open-bar holiday office mixer. Go for pla trout tod nam pla, whole fried trout with fish sauce and pepper. Admitted, it's hardly calorie neutral, being fried and all, but come on: It's the holidays. Besides, something tells us you're going to totally rock that muffin top.

Lers Ros Thai 730 Larkin (at Ellis), 931-6917

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