2009 Alt Foodie Trend No. 6: Beer Lost Its Stigma

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Now till Dec. 31, SFoodie is counting down the city's top alternative food and restaurant trends of 2009 -- the ones you won't be reading about in the Chron.

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Jesse Friedman/Beer & Nosh
We swirled and sniffed, and used terms like "earth" and "spice."
S.F. Alt Foodie Trend No. 6: Hot Brewski
It was the year we stopped buying Burgundies and started ordering Brouwerij Van Steenberge ales. In 2009, San Franciscans' 401(k)s might have been flatter than a day-old Coke, but the discovery that beer could be a worthy accompaniment to a fine meal showed impressive fizz. The Republic offered more American craft beers than even we knew existed (20 on tap). Lack of a liquor license didn't stop Starbelly bar manager Lane Ford form devising elegant beer (and wine) cocktails. There was the Incanto-Magnolia tag team back in June. And it was the year we all learned what the hell a cicerone is, and that they could be certified, or that a beer could be tagged with tasting notes like bread, earth, and spice. Chalk it up to what Bacar wine manager Jay Bordeleau told us, in a rather different context: "Bottom line," Bordeleau told SFoodie, "people are looking for drinking lists, not trophy lists." What better bev to quench a thirst with than beer?

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