2009 Alt Foodie Trend No. 10: Chefs Morph from Rock Stars into Porn Stars

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From now until Dec. 31, SFoodie is rocking a daily countdown of 2009's Top 10 alternative food and restaurant trends in San Francisco ― the ones you won't be reading about in the Chron. You're welcome.

Aziza's Mourad Lahlou
S.F. Alt Foodie Trend No. 10: Porn-Star Chefs
Admitted, porn is a bit of a stretch, so to speak. Without actual fluffers or pizza-boy scenarios, the lust appeal of city chefs was more implied than literal in 2009. And it wasn't just SFoodie who noticed, though we pride ourselves on being the first to take things sleazy with our Oct. 23 shout-out to the city's hottest chef dudes.

Turns out chef porn was bicoastal this year, with ex-Chron staffer Kim Severson breaking down the sex appeal of young butchers in the New York Times. Quoting Tia Keenan, fromager at New York's Casellula Cheese and Wine Café, Severson wrote: "Dangerous is sometimes sexy, and they are generally big guys with knives who are covered in blood." Grrrr.

Megan Gordon/Bay Area Bites
Fish & farm's Chad Newton shows off his extremities.
​This year, local chefs showed off something else they had in common with porn stars (besides swinging massive MACs): extremity-covering body art. Actually, we're not sure if it was modesty or something else that kept local cooks from lifting their chef jackets to show off tramp stamps. Then again, there's always 2010.

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