Was That Michael Pollan Hyping Weed at Last Night's Cannabis Cup? Uh, Not Exactly

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Pollan and Pollan.jpg
Joseph Schell (left); MichaelPollan.com (right)
Koehn (left) and Pollan: Can you spot the pot advocate?
​Okay, so we know from some of his writing that Michael Pollan is a fan of the wacky tobacc-y, but last night we did a serious double take when we spotted this guy manning a booth for a pot activist group called Americans for Safe Access at last night's Third Annual Cannabis Cup in SOMA. We figured that either Pollan has gotten more serious about his pro-pot stance, or he has one serious doppelgänger. Later, we found out the lookalike's name is Michael Koehn. Which, when you say it fast in a room where spliffs are as plentiful as logo pens at a builders' convention, sounds remarkably like "Michael Pollan." Freaky, huh?

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