Vegan Burrito Training: A SFoodie Lunch Planner

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Soyrizo today, turducken tomorrow.
Wednesday, November 25, 2009

There are two strategies to prepare yourself for tomorrow's gravy-coated assault. One: Eat stuff that's as far from turkey and multiple starches as possible, keeping it light so your stomach will be primed for maximum volume when it sits down at the table. Two: Eat heavy today to avoid throwing your GI tract into stress shock. Both are valid. How do you choose?

At Papalote, you sort of don't have to -- especially when you opt for a mammoth Soyrizo burrito. As for volume, you'll be stretching your stomach with a burrito that'd displace as much water as a two-month-old kitten. But face it -- vegan Soyrizo is about as far from animal protein as you're likely to get, meaning it'll be virgin territory for any combination of creatures you choose to ingest tomorrow.

You're welcome.

Papalote Mexican Grill
3409 24th St. (at Valencia), 970-8815; 1777 Fulton (at Masonic), 776-0106

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