Upcoming Fungus Fair a Dream for Mycophiles

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Fresh porcini season has invaded our slumber. We still dream about good stuff -- treasure troves, sprawling country estates populated by sweet fluffy fantasy fauna -- along with the bad -- broken teeth, hypodermic needles, and college classes in buildings we can't find. But we must confess that, the night following a particularly stellar wild mushroom risotto, our subconscious went all mycological on us -- in a resoundingly positive fashion.

One piece makes you fuller.
​In our reverie, we imagined finding a Prius-size porcini in the backyard of our large house on a sprawling country estate populated by sweet, fluffy fantasy fauna, an edible treasure trove at which we could hack away for an eternity of delicious pizza toppings, pasta sauces, and rich risotti.

Back here on Earth, we're excited about the Mycological Society of San Francisco's annual Fungus Fair, set to take place 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Dec. 5 and 6 at the Lawrence Hall of Science (1 Centennial at Cyclotron Rd., Berkeley). Held in rotating Bay Area counties since 1969, the fair provides information on the uses and abuses of fungi, with displays and exhibits on ecology, toxicology, and cultivation. Amateur sleuths can show up for identification tutorials; cooks can check out cooking demonstrations and purchase cookbooks; and hungry people can belly up to an assortment of 'shroomy snacks and soups.

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