Go All Cape Cod with Turkey Tomorrow -- Or Just Break Out the Bourbon

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Bourbon goes with everything, especially family dysfunction.
​Perusing the Internet in search of a cocktail suitable for Thanksgiving we come upon drinks composed of Bailey's, Kahlua, eggnog, vanilla vodka, cherry Sprite, ginger brandy, apple schnapps, crumbled ginger cookies, candy corn ... not the sort of light, refreshing, palate-cleansing, appetite-arousing potation you want to savor before the traditional starch-heavy turkey supper.

A simple and pleasantly intoxicating alternative is the Cape Cod, which not only evokes New England and its Pilgrim heritage, it stars the cranberry, one of the holiday's primary facets. Just pour three parts cranberry juice and two parts vodka into an ice-filled glass, add a lime wedge for a dash of color and zip, and you've got a delectable cocktail that's easy to compose on this otherwise busy day. If you want to get jazzy you can top the drink off with an ounce of grapefruit juice (to make a Sea Breeze), pineapple juice (a Bay Breeze) or orange juice (a Madras).

Or go the extremely simple route and offer up shots of Wild Turkey instead. Apropos, absolutely American, and an excellent way to get Thanksgiving off to a rousing start.

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