Priming Your Sanity with Curry: A SFoodie Lunch Planner

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Roy C./Yelp
This is not a Brown 'n' Serve roll.
Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving. Another year of holding your tongue as your Ned Flanders of a brother prophesies the end of Civilization As We Know It thanks to the gays, and holding your gut after packing your duodenum with animal fats and starches. You need a bit of preemptive relief, a taste of anti-Rockwell. Like Indonesian food.

Swing by Borobudur and take a meditative chew through the flaky, buttery folds of roti prata, before savoring a plate of nasi gulai kambling, a heap of rice with coconut-milk-steeped lamb and potato curry. And guess what? No one will make you mumble some insincere cliché about what you're thankful for. Except you'll know that Indonesian food might well be right up there at the top of your list.

Borobudur 700 Post (at Jones), 775-1512

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