Even Plain, Movie Popcorn is Grossly Fatty. But You Knew That

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Love popcorn? After reading this, maybe not so much.

The Today Show is offering up news many movie-goers might already suspect: Even without "butter," theater popcorn is way far from healthy. New lab results from the Center for Science in the

Sooner or later, it'll kill you.
​Public Interest show that a medium popcorn and a soda serve up a whopping 1,610 calories, with 60 grams of saturated fat from coconut oil. Coconut oil contains 90 percent saturated fat, and those 60 grams are the suggested limit for three days of eating. Lard, in comparison, has 40 percent saturated fat, meaning it'd be far healthier for theaters to pop corn in pork fat than coconut oil. (Note to Boccalone and Humphry Slocombe: Any chance you'll be taking over concessions at the Roxie?)

If you'd rather get the same calories elsewhere than in a single box of popcorn, it takes three Quarter Pounders and 12 pats of butter to get the same amount of fat. For slightly healthier popcorn, seek out Cinemark theaters (the Century Centre 9 at Westfield Shopping Centre and CineArts @ Empire in West Portal), which pop in canola oil, resulting in lower levels of saturated fat. But still.

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