Why Chew When You Can Toke? Le Whif Takes Chocolate Airborne

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You can totally suck on 70 percent bittersweet.
​The bar has passed. The kiss is over. Make way for Le Whif, the chocolate you puff. Available since April, Le Whif uses particle engineering to break fine organic chocolate down to a powder small enough to become airborne yet too large to actually enter the lungs. It's like Jacques Torres meets Star Trek. Half-lipstick, half-albuterol inhaler, it comes in a recyclable case, a design built on decades of aerosol science work by Harvard professor David Edwards and his colleagues. Once zapped into your mouth, the powder evokes the richest chocolate -- with just one lonely calorie per toke. Naturally, such a delicate combination of novelty, luxury, salubriousness, and fancy packaging comes at a dearish price: 5.95 € per three-pack of Le Whiff, with each single canister packing a four-whiff punch. Do the math. That's 12 sweet breaths for the cost of a few pints -- not factoring in a flight to Paris or shipping and handling.

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