Indian Taco Truck Curry Up Now Headed for San Francisco

Get ready for biryani burritos, San Francisco.
​With any luck, it'll be a particularly spicy New Year for San Franciscans who love street food. Peninsula Indian taco truck Curry Up Now is hoping to begin selling in S.F. by the third week of December, company co-founder Akash Kapoor told SFoodie. Plans call for the Curry Up Now truck to hit a lunch spot in the Financial District (on Bush, somewhere between Pine and Sutter), and another near Levi's Plaza. Kapoor also said he's looking for a location in SOMA. And he said he plans to park a Curry Up Now truck evenings in the Mission, on Valencia between 18th and 19th Streets.

Kapoor and his wife, Rana, launched Curry Up Now in September. Since then, the truck has been selling traditional and not-so-traditional Indian street foods primarily in downtown Burlingame, with detours to Oracle and other company headquarters in Redwood City and Foster City. Today, the company acquired its second truck -- that's the one that'll sell in S.F., mostly, with other stops in San Mateo. Kapoor said the truck is licensed to sell on both private and public property in S.F. He's awaiting final approval from the city, which he expects in about three weeks.

As for Curry Up Now's menu? "It's street foods we grew up eating," said Kapoor, who, along with his wife, was raised in Calcutta. "And then it's got the Mexican touch, thanks to Kogi" - a reference to the L.A. trucks that pioneered Korean tacos and burritos. Kapoor said the company's most popular items are burritos filled with the North Indian standbys chicken tikka masala and biryani. The menu also features what's known as "doubles," versions of chola bhatura (chickpea-filled fry bread) from the Indian community in the Caribbean nation Trinidad and Tobago.

By the way, Kapoor said a story that originated in the San Mateo County Times earlier this month (and which SFoodie picked up) about Burlingame merchants and officials trying to ban the Curry Up Now truck from selling downtown was erroneous. "We have never been contacted by the city, or by merchants, or anyone else saying they had a problem with us," he said.

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