Oroville Farm Offering Home-Delivered Pastured Eggs

Get 'em before dogs and hawks poach the best layers.
​K and F Chicken Farm's hard-charging Craigslist ads -- all capital letters, lots of exclamation points, and an overwhelmingly frantic tone -- are as funny as they are informative. Read one and you'll find out that the Oroville-based farm delivers nearly 75 dozen brown chicken eggs to Bay Area homes every Saturday. You'll also learn that the farmers' children have named each and every one of their 300 chickens and turkeys and that they know the name ("K & F CHICKEN FARM (KFC) HA! HA! HA!") is amazing.

The price -- $5 per dozen -- is fair, considering the quality and convenience. And collecting eggs from pastured chickens is work, which K and F likes to point out: "MAY COST A LITTLE MORE BUT WHY? WE HAVE TO HUNT FOR THE EGGS, WASH THE EGGS, CHANGE & CLEAN WATER EVERY DAY, CLEAN THE CHICKEN COOP THIS IS DONE EVERYDAY and lost chicken due to dogs, hawks etc."

Call or write soon if you're interested in getting a delivery on the 14th. After all, chickens, as we're reminded in the ad, only lay one egg per day -- and given the recent rise in business, supplies are accordingly limited.

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