S.F. Hell's Angels Actually Do Something Angelic Today

turkey carc.jpg
Brian Daniel Eisenberg/Flickr
Maybe they'll bring their own knives?
​Looks like the Frisco Hell's Angels are playing nice and sweet this holiday season. The Chronicle's C.W. Nevius reported yesterday that the St. Anthony Foundation will have turkey carving help from the local chapter of Hell's Angels bikers. They may have a rough and tumble biker rep to uphold, but -- today, anyway -- they're using their muscle for something other than delivering pool-cue facials. St. Anthony's has been serving free Thanksgiving for the last 59 years. What's the diff this year? The organization lacked volunteers for the muscular work of carving turkeys, and put out a request for help. The Hell's Angels heeded the call "immediately and graciously," according to St. Anthony's media manager, Francis Aviani. Starting at 3 p.m. today, the Angels will be breaking down and carving the hundreds of turkeys needed for tomorrow's free meal.

That's something this blogger would love to see.

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