Street-Food Survival Guide: Five Smart Items to Pack for a Night of Grazing the Carts

Baggu is a street-food lover's friend.
It's taken more than a few days and nights of less-than-strategic gluttony for SFoodie to develop a good system for successfully pigging out at the food carts, which tend to congregate in groups. But we've learned a few tips along the way that can enhance your experience. Check out these five items you might want to bring with you:

5. A Twitter-enabled portable device is a life-saver for those times when you show up and there's only tumbleweeds where you expected cheesecake or curry. Our local vendors are pretty good about being where they say they'll be, but plans do sometimes change once out in the field and Twitter will often help guide you to the correct place. 

4. An empty bag is helpful for carrying extras. When it comes to some of the more novel offerings out there -- like, say, the bacon potato chips -- we've often been tempted to buy an extra for a friend who isn't there to enjoy. We're partial to Baggu, which folds easily into a small square that you can slip into your other bag or pocket.

3. You'll never be unhappy packing a beverage; besides Urbanectar, The Chai Cart, occasional libations from Soul Cocina, or drinks served on trucks, there aren't a lot of vendors offering liquids out there

2. If you really want to do it up, there's no shame in sporting some Tupperware. Have a bite or two for now and make a date to hang out with the rest later; you'll be able to sample more items practically guilt-free that way.

1. Digestive aids such as Tums and Gas-X -- while not a commentary on the quality of food being served -- can help brave the blend of many varieties of pavement cuisine on offer.

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