Doggy Bag: Tweeting His Fingers to the Bone

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It's not all foie gras and Neapolitan thin crust.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Too much fun: Chronicle food czar Michael Bauer reflects on restaurant reviewers' new reality, after all the tweeting and Facebook friending and blogging the Internets have given rise to. For those of you who abase yourself in gray office cubes and imagine the life of a food critic to be like that Julia Roberts movie, where she's supposed to be some big-time food reviewer but does little else besides getting all tangled up in ridiculously hilarious miscommunications? Savor your schadenfreude while it's hot -- Mr. Bauer's doing more work now than he ever did. Here he is in answer to a reader speculating on whether or not he draws extra pay for blogging:

Like others who are multi-tasking these days, I didn't get a raise when I started the blog. All of us in newspapers are doing tasks we never thought we'd do a decade ago before blogs and Twitter. We're reinventing what we do every day. I was at the Association of Food Journalists conference in New Orleans last month and, across the board, my colleagues are doing about twice as much work as they once did, juggling newsprint, video and Internet chores. It's been an interesting and challenging ride as we try to straddle the different mediums. It's more work, but it's also more fun.
To which some wag -- a reader -- who goes by the name goodgolly commented: "You get what you pay for..." Triple snap!

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