Doggy Bag: 'The Smelly Discharge of Unsellable Dairy'

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​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Right: You thought a career in cheese was all the burnish of artisanal deliciousness, triple crèmes and bloomy rinds and the fromage cart at Gary Danko (Affidelice, anyone?). But Rainbow cheese guy Gordon Edgar of Gordonzola has news for you: Sooner or later, a cheesemonger's life calls for being elbow-deep in slimy, rotting milk proteins. We'll let Edgar tell you:

We had an in store [mozzarella] demo scheduled for the week before. Even though I got about 100lbs of pre-packed bocconcini, we couldn't sell it because it wasn't sealed correctly and it was spilling all over the place. I figured we could give it away, but, unfortunately, it was already rancid. Yuck, spit, hawk, spit, yuck, rinse.
It all had to be emptied, drained, and shoveled into the compost bin, which suggests a moral. Again, Edgar: "This is the real glamor [sic] of working with cheese... Saturday nights spent getting soaked with the smelly discharge of unsellable dairy." Any teens reading this? Smoke only moderate amounts of weed; stay in school; avoid a career in food retail.

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