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​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Street walker: Bay Area Bites' Stephanie Im reveals what she did on her weeks-long blogging hiatus -- eat. In Ho Chi Minh City, no less. Her illustrated report on the city's street food is, well, awesome. Im: "Most often, it is cooked on the spot, right before your eyes, on the street, by someone who has been making that one particular dish over and over, for years, decades, quite possibly, generations." And this:

Back in September, Thy Tran wrote a great article on Street Food Beyond Festivals in which she compares the young street food culture in the U.S. to other places where it has been "long embedded into their daily rhythms." Witnessing the street food culture of Saigon brought that alive for me. Daily rhythm is right, it seemed like everyone eats out all the time whether it's having your morning coffee delivered to your front door from the coffee lady down the street, getting some fruit to-go from the number of fruit vendors rolling around, or popping a squat on a little plastic chair at a tea-party-sized table for dinner. Sure, the convenience, affordability, and quality of product are all great. But it is the daily human interaction, the chit chat, the sense of community that comes with it, that makes this daily rhythm so soothing.
Check out Im's food pics. It'll make tonight's chicken breast and steamed broccoli seem epicly sad.

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