Doggy Bag: Short-Stack Manifesto

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​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Grease junky: We missed it when it appeared back in September. But Counter Intelligence, Johnny Waldman's clipped guide to city diners at The Bold Italic, is worth a scroll -- especially his ketchup-smudged manifesto up top. Take his rules for orange juice (among other diner signifiers):

It should not be organic or fresh-squeezed or anything else special. It need only be 1) orange and 2) liquid. Maple syrup should be the only type of syrup available. The menu should be plain, so as not to distract from the grub; should not be slick, or feature a sans-serif font, or mention a website, or contain photos of the food you are about to order. Leave that to Denny's.
You might cavil about the diners Waldman chronicles -- he misses a lot. But you figure he has to stay home and nosh on salads sometime. A man's colon can only take so many slippery, grease-filmed foods with only trace amounts of fiber before it starts to crave a carrot.

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