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​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Talk soup: Ben from Cooking with the Single Guy engineered a redo of Oakland restaurant Commis, and blogged about it Monday with signature photo finesse. He's made his first visit in June, when James Syhabout's Asian-inflected, diligently layered take on California pastoral was only a couple of days old. Ben's recent meal was nearly as all-out worthy, even considering that the introductory fixed price had been jacked up by 10 bones. But the most amazing thing? The hostess recognized him from his first visit, even chatted about his gym workout, which he'd mentioned the first time round. Maybe she's a blog groupie ... In the end -- even though a dish of duck cooked two ways flirted with meh -- Ben was swooning over more than just shiso soda:

Looking back at each course and the enjoyment I got out of each one (even the duck), I decided that the $59 price point is a real value for what you get. I didn't feel hungry or disappointed, and in fact left rejuvenated and inspired. It's the kind of dinner that makes you want to go talk to people about dining and life.
Holy wow.

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