Doggy Bag: At Least the Dogs Had a Nice Thanksgiving

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Dog food, Wag Hotel style.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Prix fleece: Finally: Time to take a breath and look back over Thanksgiving 2009. Any regrets? Like not volunteering enough -- or at all -- swallowing your Republican uncle's Obama-baiting, or having that fourth Cape Cod before trying to make gravy? How about no eating like a dog. That's right: discovered a Thanksgiving menu for dogs staying at Wag Hotels over the holiday. You know Wag (25 14th St. at Harrison), the super-pricey boutique kennel, with zen massages and webcams so you can watch your airedale lick herself from wherever the hell you're traveling. Here's what canines chowed on yesterday:
• Hand-Pulled Boneless Skinless Turkey With A Light Turkey Glaze
• Honeyed Yams
• Apple and Cranberry Stuffing
• Steamed Green Beans
• Pumpkin Pie Puppy Pudding

We'll leave it to you to tease out the morality of feeding top-of-the-food-chain edibles to dogs. We would just note that, in some respects, it sounds tastier than the Thanksgiving we plowed through. And without the specter of family dysfunction to bestow agita, the bitches at Wag clearly had a lot more to be thankful for than we did.

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