Chillin' with Melty Cheddar: A SFoodie Lunch Planner

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You'll be able to pronounce everything on the menu. Swear.
Monday, November 16, 2009

Cheese. And bread. Though it might be hard to believe in this pizza-lovin' town, they do come together in ways that have absolutely nothing to do with the Margherita. Take Melt!, the café in North Beach that feels like a place you'd be grateful to find in some second-tier French city, when all you want to do is drop your backpack, without having to navigate a menu packed with multivowel food words.

We like the open-face Welsh rarebit, sourdough doused with a sauce of tangy cheddar and ale. And it comes with greens tossed with balsamic vinaigrette, so all you need to do is drop the mental baggage that's the equivalent of a JanSport Big Bear and chill.

Melt! 700 Columbus (at Filbert), 392-9290

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