Brian Boitano Seeks Inspiration from S.F. Street-Food Vendors

Food Network
Boitano: Grazing the curb.
​The answer to what would Brian Boitano make is about to get a whole lot streetier. A location scout for Food Network told SFoodie she plans to show up at street-food events over the next few days to find food-cart vendors to appear on-camera and "inspire" the ex-Olympic figure skater in an upcoming episode of his slightly campy cooking show, What Would Brian Boitano Make? The scout told SFoodie she's been talking to Jeff of PizzaHacker to find likely vendors for the show -- about 10 in all. The script calls for Boitano to sort of stumble on the street-food vendors, then rush back home to his S.F. kitchen to whip out, say, a bit of crème brulée. Adobo, maybe. Gobs? The show is scheduled for taping in late November or early December (no word when it'll air). WWBBM? premiered Aug. 29 - there've been a total of four episodes. Our suggestion to the Food Network producers? Since the street-food experience is so much about, well, the street, maybe the script should include Boitano becoming an unlicensed street-food vendor for a weekend, donning a chef's toque, Magic Curry-style, and hitting Mission Pool. Just an idea.

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