Berkeley Students Roll a Fatty

cal roll.jpg
Again we have to ask: Why?
​Food history was made yesterday when a group of U.C. Berkeley students and volunteers made the world's longest California roll in Sproul Plaza. Reports from the Oakland Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle detail hundreds of amateur sushi makers -- some rocking ninja gear -- rolling a new world record of 331 feet. It was composed of 200 pounds of dry rice, 180 pounds of imitation crabmeat (aka krab), and 80 pounds of both avocado and cucumber -- the end of the roll was filled with tofu as a substitute for the krab. Eight years ago, a group in Maui set the record for a 300-foot-long roll. The event was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Cal's Center for Japanese Studies. Uh, can we get more ginger and wasabi over here?

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