Craigslist Farm and Garden Classifieds: Growing Your Own T-Bone from Scratch

beef chart.jpg
All you need is patience -- and a big-ass freezer.
​The drawbacks of DIY cattle ranching obviously start with space. A chicken coop is one thing, but legit pasture on a San Francisco lot is rare -- unless you're as rich as Robin Williams or something. We're just guessing, but if enjoying grass-fed steak is your thing and shoveling manure is not, you might want to look into forging a relationship with Stone House Ranch in Mill Valley.

According to yesterday's Craigslist posting, the ranch is selling 500-800 pound steers (they usually runclose to $1 per pound) and then charging board for six to nine months until slaughter. Next fall, customers can cash in on the investment. If you don't have a spit that big for impromptu roasting, or a freezer large enough to store the cuts, consider going in on one with some mates. Think of the cookouts you'll have -- this time next year.

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