Eight Creative Additions to Your Thanksgiving Feast

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Thanksgiving is upon us, but instead of sticking with traditional turkey and stuffing, why not spice things up with some more creative fare? Some of these dishes might freak out your grandparents (or you, for that matter), but they're guaranteed to spark a conversation.


8. Guac-a-Bird
Jello is usually just used on Thanksgiving to make a cranberry-flavored mold, but there are so, so many more ways to stretch the gelatin's limits. Case in point: the Guac-a-Bird, an avocado gelatin turkey.

7. Sauerkraut
Bring some German flair to everyone's favorite American holiday with sauerkraut, a popular Thanksgiving dish among the German population in Maryland. Who knew?


6. Sweet Potato Balls
Leave it to ham-smacked celebrity chef Paula Deen to come up with this one. These sweet potato balls, filled with coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg, and marshmallows, are guaranteed to leave you with a sugar high long after Thanksgiving dinner is a memory.


5. 100-Proof Turkey
Make Thanksgiving extra fun this year with turkey soaked in fruit-flavored vodka. The recipe, invented by Manhattan bar owner Paul Hurley, calls for turkey to be infused with vodka for three days before dinner. A dash of 100 proof vodka is also added to the gravy.


4. Squid and Potato Casserole
Why stick with traditional casseroles when you can bring squid into the mix? Add some parsley for a creative touch.


3. Turducken
Cliche? Maybe. But what self-respecting non-vegetarian family is going to turn down a mashup of turkey, duck, and chicken -- especially when Ryan Farr is somehow involved?


2. Sweet Potato Soup with Maple and Bacon
Many thanks to our Canadian brethren for this one, which combines traditional sweet potato with the salty goodness of bacon.


1. Mac and Cheese Turkey
We couldn't resist including another one of these goofy turkey molds. Instead of avocado, this one features mashed-up mac and cheese with -- wait for it -- extra Velveeta.

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