Two-Dolla Holla: Sticky Rice Balls at TC Pastry

T. Palmer
We dare you to eat more than 64 cents' worth.
TC Pastry (2222 Irving at 23rd Ave.; 67 Saint Francis Square at Southgate in Daly City) bills itself as a "dim sum specialist," and we agree. It's long been a no-frills takeout spot that's a quick, cheap, and consistently good alternative to waiting in lines and fighting for the attention of the carts at a sit-down dim sum restaurant.

Sheathed in a dumpling wrapper and studded with Chinese sausage, the sticky rice balls are quite possibly the most sincere of all the carb bombs on its menu. They run three for $1.90, but we'd wager you'd have difficulty eating more than one at a sitting, especially if you're tempted by TC's large selection of dumplings, buns, breads, and other components of your future food coma.

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