San Francisco's Hottest Chef Dudes

Ever dated a chef? It can be a dysfunctional slog: enabling his 12-hour work days, waking up at 1 a.m. to a kitchen of his work buddies doing Fernet shots around the dinette, and living through the perennial reek of garlic on his fingers. But seriously? We'd put up with all of it -- every last blast of clammy, line-cook sweat-stink on the chef's jacket he drops on the floor before staggering into bed - for a chance to call one of these San Francisco chefs our boo.

Jesse Friedman/Beer & Nosh
Anthony Myint
1. Anthony Myint
Even if the founder of twice-weekly pop-up Mission Street Food wasn't so damn saintly (MSF turns over its profits to charity) we'd still totally worship him. How does any chef find the time to be so good -- and do all those bicep hammer curls?

Mourad Lahlou
2. Mourad Lahlou
With eyes as deep as the flavors in a long-braised lamb shank, the Moroccan-born chef-owner of Aziza turns our insides into couscous. And, um, yeah -- we totally cropped out the woman in the picture above.

Michael Black
3. Michael Black
Nothing sexier than a guy who's good with his hands. If you've ever sat at the sushi bar at Sebo -- where Michael is co-owner, with Danny Dunham -- you've seen his fingers roll lumps of rice into glistening beds for nigiri. Epic hotness.

Jon Darsky
4. Jon Darsky
The 30-year-old Flour + Water pizzaiolo played a little college ball and worked as a scout for the KC Royals before picking up the pizza peel. If you're like us, you've got one thought: compression shorts under the chef pants.

Ryan Scott
5. Ryan Scott
Top Chef Chicago was pretty much a bore, especially after classically handsome Ryan was shivved for cooking up some janky chicken piccata. Now a private chef and cooking instructor, Scott's a one-man Quickfire Challenge.

Benjamin Seto/Cooking with the Single Guy
Yigit Pura
6. Yigit Pura
The executive pastry chef at Taste Catering, Turkish-born Yigit (pronounced Yeet) has worked under Gary Danko and Daniel Boulud -- he's the consummate team player in the kitchen. And -- sorry, girls -- the team he's on doesn't happen to be yours. Kapish?


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