Hey, That's Ryan Farr Grilling Lamb on a Mission Sidewalk!

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M. Ladd
The 4505 Meats chef stuffed the leg with various other parts.
​Yes, that was 4505 Meats' Ryan Farr manning the grill in front of the McSweeney's headquarters at 849 Valencia (at 19th St.) earlier today. As you read this, the McSweeney's crew is noshing on baby lamb. Farr -- with help from McSweeney's Chris Ying and photographer Jackson Solway -- grilled a 4-month-old milk-fed baby lamb from Napa Valley Lamb Company. The lamb shoulder was cubed and blended with the lamb's kidney; tenderloin and ribs were rolled into the leg with rosemary and garlic, for what Farr called a variety of texture. "Flavor, too," he said. A rosemary brush and olive oil were used during the grilling; the smells alone were driving us crazy.

M. Ladd
Farr is appearing in the upcoming McSweeney's Quarterly.
​Farr will be featured in McSweeney's upcoming Quarterly edition, a national newspaper called The San Francisco Panorama. According to McSweenery's publisher Oscar Villalon (full disclosure: he's this blogger's husband), it'll be a one-time-only, Sunday-edition sized newspaper with actual news, food, sports, and arts coverage. Sixteen pages of full-color comics, too. The issue debuts Nov. 13.

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