RIP, Vegan Burger. The Mission Won't Be the Same Without You!

Jared Zimmerman/Flickr
Stick a fork in it.
Mission Burger, our heart is broken, too! Ever since we tried the vegan burger served at Duc Loi Market (2200 Mission at 18th St.), we've talked it up as one of the best burgers around. Sad to read that the vegan burger is being canceled due to a deep-fryer cross contamination complaint that led to what Mission Burger describes on its Yelp page as a broken heart.
Unfortunately, yes we will cancel it pretty soon because it takes a lot of work to make and was sort of just a labor of love -- love we lost a few weeks ago when people complained about frying a piece of battered fish in the same deep fryer as the vegan patty. Even though that was a one time contamination, we just don't want to make any vegans upset in the future. Maybe we'll bring it back some day when our broken hearts have had a chance to mend a little.

Not to cry over spilled edamame, but the vegan burger was juicy, chock-full of tasty veggies like kale and shiitake/maitake mushrooms, hearty, and flavorful. If and when it comes back, we'll be there.

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