Only in the Mission: Eat Beans, Meet 2008 World Pesto Champ at Gravel & Gold's Happy Hour

Epic pounder Danny Bowien
​About a year and a half ago, a 25-year-old Korean American from San Francisco won the Pesto World Championship in Genoa, Italy. Call it the Miracle on Ice of Italian regional cookery contests, but Danny Bowien, then chef at Farina (now at Magnolia), thoroughly mortared and pestled his mostly Ligurian competition in a dramatic upset, taking home the grand prize -- which was not, sadly, a gigantic gold-plated basil leaf suitable for wearing on a heavy, low-hanging chain around the neck. If you want to sample this man's silken pesto -- on some Tartine bread, no less -- you don't have to drop major ducats at Farina. Instead, visit Agrarian Art Labs' pop-up bean restaurant The Spotted Rooster when it flaps and hoots over to Gravel & Gold's BYOB Happy Hour this Friday, Oct. 16, beginning at around 5 p.m. Pesto, meet bread; bread, meet pesto. How do you all do? We think we saw a bean you'd love to get to know.

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