Magic Curry Kart Rumor Too Good to Be True, Real Deal Even More Interesting

Tatyana Balte
Magic Curry Kart: New logo, new food coming soon.
Last night, in a bit of self-confessed "rumormongering," Mission Mission speculated that street food vendor Magic Curry Kart would soon be serving Vietnamese noodles from his impressive new bicycle cart. But, as the Magic Curry Man himself told SFoodie, that's how rumors get started.

Mission Mission wasn't too far off, actually -- at least as far as region goes. Instead of Vietnamese noodles, Magic Curry's Brian Kimball confirmed the possible November debut of a new menu offering of Vietnamese-style rice porridge (cháo), an item he will make in collaboration with Mai Le of Banh Mai.

While he would not announce further menu ideas or plans yet, we get the feeling that you'll be seeing a fun expansion of the Magic brand pretty soon.

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