Is Whole Foods Sucking the Air Out of a Noe Valley Butcher Shop?

If yesterday's SFist post about the financial woes of venerable Drewes Brothers Meats wasn't an attempt to yank our ham bone, it's clear that people -- particularly within the stroller-rich pastures of Noe Valley -- need to get serious about eating meat. Cast aside your smoked tempeh; lose the vegan lasagne. Unless you have an overwhelming religious conviction opposing the joyous scarfing of animal flesh, a hallowed San Francisco institution desperately needs your support, even if it means rolling off the wagon for a spell.

SFist pulled the following chilling plea from the Glen Park Parents Board mailing list, courtesy of a poster named "Spring":

For those of us who eat meat and live in Upper Noe Valley, I want to let you know about the plight of Drew's Bros Butchers [sic]. They have been decimated in the past three weeks by the opening of Whole Foods. They have had to cut back on staff hours and things are not looking good. While I am highly supportive of Whole Foods as a good addition to the neighborhood, (I really think we needed a grocery store in our neighborhood and...I am from Austin, although I am appalled at the founder's stance on healthcare), I hate to see that come at the expense of a SF institution like Drews [sic].

Misspelled name aside, the sentiment is noble. Yeah, Whole Foods is fine for handouts -- go on a Sunday morning and try making a meal of miniature soup samples and gratis cheese nibbles -- but when a local gem like Drewes starts looking a little dusty, it's time to give it a nice shine -- by walking a few extra blocks to buy a rack of ribs and a six-pack to go with it.

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