Haute Halloween Candy, Or How to Break Your Teeth and the Bank at the Same Time

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La Madeline au Truffe: Yours for a mere $250.
Most of us are more than happy with whatever sort of candy we can manage to score during Halloween. Luckily, there are some upscale options for those with champagne taste who won't settle for anything but the ludicrously pricey. Check out these tricked-out treats:

1. La Madeline au Truffe: Connecticut chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt uses a whole French Perigord truffle (the mushroom kind) in the center of this 1.9 ounce dark chocolate truffle confection (which is available year-round). This single piece, which has a seven-day shelf life, was named the world's most expensive piece of chocolate by Forbes for its $250 price tag.

2. The Sky Collection: $495 buys you 10 stainless steel boxes filled with nearly 250 pieces of dark chocolate and truffle confections from Dallas chocolatier Noka. Did we mention the boxes are stainless steel?
3. Spooky Skull Platter: Ralph Lauren's daughter Dylan offers this $90 freak show of white chocolate skulls, milk chocolate spiders, and gummy worms online and in-store at Dylan's Candy Bar in New York -- for those who feel compelled to adhere to the 'Ween theme.
4. Candy Corn Triangle Lollipops: These look cheap, but Candy Warehouse asks for $88 for a box of these smiling tricksters. Boo!
5. 96 Piece Individual Tasting Square Box: Sometimes, it's all about the quantity at Halloween. If the almost 250-piece Sky Collection isn't in the cards, perhaps this $51.95 offering from Scharffen Berger will do the trick.
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