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​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Ravenous: Mission Loc@l's Brooke Minters took up the San Francisco's Food Bank Hunger Challenge last week. Think you could eat on $4 a day, the typical amount a food stamp recipient receives in Cali? Minters does the sensible thing: With $28 for the week, she hits TJ's: spaghetti, bread, eggs, ground turkey. She finds that being poor is fricking hard -- since you can't just dip into Bistro Burger when munchies-stricken, you've got to plan ahead. Like, pack up scrambled egg sandwiches before you leave home in the morning. And Tupperware containers of rice and beans. And a hell of a lot of PBJs.

Minters' account is all pretty much what you'd expect -- except the difficulties of being poor and social. Wine. Delfina pizza. Crème brulee. Its not easy being single and sociable and destitute in a city where eating is socializing. Check out Minters' piece. You know, before heading out to Pi Bar.

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