Doggy Bag: Seriously -- Forget About It, Man

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​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Power ranger: You know how it is: You're out having a drink, your work buddies have all gone, and the guy who normally sits two cubes away -- the guy you barely know -- starts telling you about his breakup. Like, really telling you, until you sense enough of his insecurities that it makes you examine your beer bottle. You pretend you need to pee, just to shake off the awkward whiff of TMI.

We experienced a milder version of the same thing today reading Chron critic Michael Bauer's parsing of the latest Michelin ratings at Between Meals. Bauer muses on Yelp reader reviewers, Zagat scores, and the cadre of anonymous Michelin inspectors.

As a single bylined reviewer, I have to defend what I do. My power is a very fragile commodity. To gain power people have to grow to trust what I write. One slip up and I've probably lost a reader. So any power I have is because readers have taken my advice and think I speak the truth, at least the way I see it. (OK, take your shots here).
It's all a bit raw: the hint of anxiety about retaining a "power" that's always at risk of slipping away, even the dare to his critics to do their worst. Michael, if you're reading? We'll tell you the same thing we'd tell that guy from work, soon as we got back from the Men's: "Hey, we totally have to catch the N."

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