Betelnut's Pig Out Tuedays: Cheap Pork, with a Promise of Crisp Skin

Got $25? Splurge on a night out -- for two.
​Pig Out Tuesdays rev up again tonight at Betelnut (2030 Union at Buchanan). Special pricing is designed to appeal to pig-friendly diners groaning through the Great Recession. At $24.88 for two people, it can make a night out seem affordable and, well, tasty. You get a platter of roast pork with wok-tossed organic farmers' market veggies, served with jasmine rice. Cosentino Pinot Noir is also on special, $5 per glass. Regarding that pork, Betelnut chef Alex Ong pointed out on his Twitter feed that "this is version 7.9, crispy skin problems solved. Don't forget the Beggars Chicken, too." That Beggar's Chicken is another Betelnut favorite, with the power, possibly, to appease the non-swine fan in your life. Reservations taken at OpenTable.

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