Meme Overkill? Five Randomly Bacon-Infused Local Foodstuffs

What hath the Internet wrought? It seems we in the generally tech-savvy S.F. food community are faced with a dilemma. Outgrowths of the bacon meme like Who's Your Daddy bacon potato chips have thoroughly infiltrated our local food stalls. And while we personally love the stuff, it's about time someone took a stand. Might as well be us.

We don't know if this influx is the result of some vast Iowa hog surplus, but it's clear you can get bacon added to ANYTHING in S.F. these days. The "Internet-friendly" meat product has reached overkill to the point where we hear that some blogs have put up an editorial embargo on all things bacon. While we at SFoodie haven't quite reached that level (yet), we do think bacon-flavored peanut brittle is prodding us closer to declaring, "Enough already!"

5. Bacon Pistachio Ice Cream

An occasional offering at Humphry Slocombe, where more discerning meat ice cream connoisseurs can sometimes get a double scoop of foie gras and prosciutto -- owner Jake Godby even hinted recently about a new flavor containing some other variety of salumi, presumably now in beta testing. Need more proof of their Web prowess than baco-philia? Check out the Humphry Slocombe's Twitter feed at @humphreyslocombe.

Bacon Ice-cream via

4. Bacon Potato Chips

In the grand tradition of This Is Why You're Fat, Bay Area street-food chip maker aptly named Who's Your Daddy has taken one guilty pleasure, added it to another, and huzzah. Addictive as they are, survey says, have a salad instead.

Meredith Brody

3. Peanut Brittle

Another meme-inspired Slocombe creation, you can buy a bag at the checkout counter in case you already haven't already ordered it online. Or had a heart attack.

Photo via

2. Maple Glazed Bacon Apple Doughnut

The good people at Dynamo Donut in S.F. obviously have an Internet connection. They also know their customers. No matter how much we say we're over bacon, we still scoop these up like Free Willy scoops up plankton.

Photo courtesy

1. Bacon Bourbon

Take the trip out to BarCeluna in the East Bay, and you can get drunk until another cured meat product makes it big on the Internet. Caffienated beef jerky anyone?

dansays via Flickr

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