Another 24 Hours: Craigslist Farm and Garden Classifieds

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Creepy, right?
SFoodie's weekly look at some urban essentials offered up on Craiglist.

  • A keg of Anchor. A bottle of Jack. A bowl of chips to dip in fly-speckled guacamole. Fuck that. We're so over mediocre parties we're going to dial in a pig roast every time we get an invitation: "Lechon/Pig roasts done in the Philippine style. Insides of the pig are available upon request. Sauce is also available upon request. All You Have to DO is EnJoY It!!!" We suggest you request away -- and bring us to the occasion. This swine-master is in East San Jose.
  • Take a deep breath. Somewhere in the East Bay, a symphony of feathers rustles. Behold this poster's magnificent menagerie: "I have a lot of eggs and young birds from Modern Game, Jungle Fowls, American Onagadori - True Japanese Longtails, Pheasants, Quails, Gamebirds, Serama or Jerry S's Seramas, etc. More than I can name in a short list. Haha." He has eggs and little babies available right now. Peruse the possibilities. Pricing starts at $1.50 each for hatching eggs, and $15 each for "rare and exotic" chicks. The man is willing to ship.
  • We're not sure if this is the same apple dude (or dudette) who has been flooding Craigslist with desperate postings for a few weeks now, but if so, now is the time to strike -- that is, if you're into pies, cobblers, suckling pigs, and the like. "2 acres of trees so loaded with apples that the trees are breaking!" cries the poster, clearly frantic. "Bring a bag (any size) come fill it up for $5!!!! Got a truck? Got farm animals? Open to offers!" This Sebastopol resident does add one caveat: there are ticks in the field (a family dog had one) and no one save the afflicted will be held responsible for any illness or injury.

  • Make yourself a sweet Harry Belafonte mix-tape and truck it to Brentwood, where two large banana trees await your shovel. Dig them up for the low price of $25 apiece, and you'll be tallying -- maybe -- your own bunches.
  • Got grapes? Straight out of Healdsburg, 40-45 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes on 30-year-old vines need love. Come tour the vineyard. The proprietors can arrange for picking and delivery.

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